Investment Philosophies

Woodbourne focuses on developing, owning and operating high-quality apartments, senior housing communities and other multi-residential real estate assets in prime urban areas across Canada.

A proactive, institutional approach to value creation at the property level has been a key driver in each fund’s investment process and performance. Woodbourne’s investment philosophy focuses on increasing net operating income and achieving a strong, stable cash flow with each investment through extensive and proactive leasing efforts, expense reductions, and targeted capital improvements. The Woodbourne team works in lockstep with sector specialists, engineers, construction experts, and operators to assess new acquisitions, identify specific capital improvements to increase occupancy and rents, reduce expenses, and ensure that each investment flows swiftly and smoothly through a rigorous value-add business plan.

Woodbourne targets investments that we believe present the greatest risk-adjusted return opportunity based on the following:

  • Platform Strength: broad and deep resources and partnerships to execute in niche, fragmented asset classes on a national scale
  • Management Initiatives: opportunity to add value through implementation of professional management and capital improvement programs
  • Granularity: relatively small equity investment sizes (C$5 – 40 million) into asset classes that are under-managed
  • Under Funding: regions and sectors currently misunderstood and/or overlooked by investors or lenders
  • Strong Fundamentals: particularly compelling demographics, supply/demand, and regulatory conditions